1. Türkisches Filmfestival Berlin

There’s a film festival in the city that will show films from Turkey. I wanted to document it here since it’s the first one. I don’t know if the website and online links will be available in the future. The films will be shown in Babylon, a cinema I was curious about but haven’t visited yet. They were showing silent films with an orchestra, that’s how I heard them first and walked around it a lot. But these cinemas have this power that makes them not easy to enter for the first time if there’s no special occasion. I love them, but I’m also scared of them.

I’ve seen Love, Deutschmarks and Death in Berlinale, it was a bumpy ride. I enjoyed Cem Kaya’s both films. Also saw Brother’s Keeper, Auf Einmal, The Announcement, and Something Useful in the past. I plan to watch Amina, Klondike and Ümit Ünal’s new film Love, Spells and All That.

The films:

  • Love, Deutschmarks and Death [Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm]
  • Les Enfants Terribles [Yaramaz Çocuklar]
  • Amina
  • Mimaroğlu: The Robinson of Manhattan Island
  • Pure White [Bembeyaz]
  • It’s All About Peace and Harmony [Dirlik Düzenlik]
  • Something Useful [İşe Yarar Bir Şey]
  • The Announcement [Anons]
  • Brother’s Keeper [Okul Tıraşı]
  • Love, Spells and All That [Aşk, Büyü vs.]
  • Commitment Hasan [Bağlılık Hasan]
  • Ghosts [Hayaletler]
  • Anatolian Leopard [Anadolu Leoparı]
  • Klondike
  • All Of A Sudden [Auf Einmal]
  • Not Knowing [Bilmemek]
  • Silenced Tree [Ceviz Ağacı]

Babylon website: https://babylonberlin.eu/programm/festivals/t%C3%BCrkisches-filmfestival