Maurice Blanchot – Kaynakça


  • Thomas l’Obscur, 1941 [Karanlık Thomas]
  • Aminadab, 1942
  • L’Arrêt de mort, 1948 [Ölüm Hükmü]
  • Faux Pas, 1943
  • Le Très-Haut, 1949 [Yüceler Yücesi]
  • La Part du feu, 1949
  • L’Espace littéraire, 1955 [Yazınsal Uzam]
  • Le Dernier homme, 1957 [Son İnsan]
  • Le Livre à venir, 1959 (The Book to Come)
  • L’attente, l’oubli, 1962 [Bekleyiş Unutuş]
  • L’Entretien infini, 1969 (The Infinite Conversation)
  • L’Amitié, 1971 [Dostluk]
  • Le Pas au-delà, 1973 [Öteye Adım – Yok Ötesi]
  • La Folie du jour, 1973 [Günün Deliliği]
  • L’Ecriture du désastre, 1980 [Felaket Yazısı]
  • La Communauté inavouable, 1983 [İtiraf Edilemeyen Cemaat]
  • Après coup, Précédé par Le Ressassement éternel, 1983 [Sonradan Sonsuz Yineleme]
  • L’Instant de ma mort, 1994 [Ölüm Anım]
  • Une voix venue d’ailleurs, 2002


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Bruno Latour – Kaynakça


  • {with Steve Woolgar}, Laboratory Life: the Social Construction of Scientific Facts, 1979 | 1986
  • Science in Action: How to Follow Scientists and Engineers through Society, 1987
  • The Pasteurization of France, 1988 [1984]
  • We have never been modern, [Biz Hiç Modern Olmadık], 1993 [1991]
  • {with Michel Serres}, Conversations on Science, Culture and Time, 1995 [1992]
  • Aramis or the Love of Technology, 1996 [1992]
  • Pandora’s Hope: Essays on the Reality of Science Studies, 1999
  • {with Peter Weibel (ed.)}, Iconoclash beyond the image wars in science, religion and art, 2002
  • Politics of Nature: How to bring the sciences into democracy, 2004 [1999]
  • {with Peter Weibel (ed.)}, Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy, 2005
  • Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory, 2005
  • {with Emilie Hermant}, Paris: Invisible City, 2006 [1998]
  • Rejoicing: Or the Torments of Religious Speech, 2013 [2002]
  • The Making of Law: An Ethnography of the Conseil d’Etat, 2009 [2002]
  • On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods, 2009
  • {with Pasquale Gagliardi & Pedro Memelsorff (ed.)}, Coping with the Past: Creative Perspectives on Conservation and Restoration, 2010
  • {with Graham Harman & Peter Erdelyi (ed.)}, The Prince and the Wolf: Latour and Harman at the LSE, 2011
  • An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence, 2013
  • {with Christophe Leclercq (ed.)}, Reset Modernity!, 2016
  • Facing Gaia: Eight Lectures on the New Climatic Regime, 2017


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Manuel DeLanda – Kaynakça


  • War in the Age of Intelligent Machines (1991)
  • A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History (1997) [Çizgisel Olmayan Tarih: Bin Yılın Öyküsü]
  • Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy (2002)
  • A New Philosophy of Society: Assemblage Theory and Social Complexity (2006)
  • Deleuze: History and Science (2010)
  • Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic Reason (2011)
  • Philosophical Chemistry: Genealogy of a Scientific Field (2015)
  • Assemblage theory (2016)



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