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I have a YouTube playlist called “let’s see” where I gather videos that I encounter at some point in YouTube suggestions or in related videos. I add them to a list when I’m not able to or not in a mood to watch at that moment. Most of the time, I don’t actually watch these videos at all. Still, I keep them in a list, maybe for an afterlife procrastination moment. I’ll list the first page here. A sad list, powered by some recommendation algorithms.

cinema, food, music, pop culture, quick tutorial, software development, AI hype, intro-level philosophy

  • Önder Focan – Aubergine / Patlıcan (2022 – Album) | 2666 – The Art Of Listening
  • Secret Food Commercial Styling Tricks Revealed By Culinary Expert | Vanity Fair
  • 3 ways to make one pan egg toast! 5 minutes quick breakfast! Easy, Delicious and Healthy! | Qiong Cooking
  • The Valor of the Misfit: Experimental Art in Late East Germany | Deutsches Haus
  • You’re doing home organization WRONG. | Caroline
  • Classical Composer Analyzes Kendrick Lamar | David Bruce Composer
  • Lars Eidinger und die Aldi Tüte | FFCGN
  • Genderneutrale Sprache? So einfach geht’s (Thomas Kronschläger – Science Slam) | ScienceSlam
  • 16 Personalities Through the Eyes of the ESTP | dear kristin
  • WE CALL IT TECHNO! A documentary about Germany’s early Techno scene and culture | Telekom Electronic Beats
  • What was Coding like 40 years ago? | The Coding Train
  • We Should Be Willing to Go to the End – Symposium on Slavoj Žižek (Day Two) | Study Groups on Psychoanalysis and Politics
  • How to Motivate Yourself to Read (20 Tips & Mindsets) | Benjamin McEvoy
  • My Students Edit Their First Feature Film | This Guy Edits
  • Julian Radlmaier zu Gast im Filmhaus Nürnberg – Blutsauger | Filmhaus Nürnberg
  • Corporate Lawyer Breaks Down Succession Business Deals | WIRED
  • This trick can LEVEL UP your film look. | Colorist Factory
  • 02 Inhuman Symposium – Rosi Braidotti | Fridericianum
  • I made a music video in Stable Diffusion AI… and it’s amazing! | Olivio Sarikas
  • What is “Nothing”? | Sabine Hossenfelder
  • Grandmaster and BIG LIAR? Hans Niemann Chess Cheating Scandal – Expert REACTION Video | The Behavior Panel
  • Building a neural network FROM SCRATCH (no Tensorflow/Pytorch, just numpy & math) | Samson Zhang
  • The Fastest Way to Learn a New Language: The Solar System Theory | Nathaniel Drew
  • The Map of Engineering | Domain of Science
  • Did Content Kill Culture? | Wisecrack
  • Random walks in 2D and 3D are fundamentally different (Markov chains approach) | Mathemaniac
  • Im Techno Rausch 60 Stunden Dauerparty -1995- (ARD-Doku) | Mimo Zehnvierzig
  • Music festivals: a high-risk business | FT Film | Financial Times
  • Why All Educational Videos Are the Same| Faultline
  • Donna Haraway: “From Cyborgs to Companion Species” | UC Berkeley Events
  • Kraftwerk ‘The Man Machine’ Full Analysis | Doctor Mix
  • Werner Herzog: Vom einsamen Leben als Regisseur | Sternstunde Philosophie | SRF Kultur Sternstunden
  • Hans Magnus Enzensberger Interview: A Closer Look | Louisiana Channel
  • Top 10 Lighting Mistakes Beginners Make | Parker Walbeck
  • Top 10 Supporting Roles That Stole The Show | CineFix – IGN Movies and TV
    • some top 10 time here, weird that I didn’t add a Messi video
  • How I Learn To Speak Foreign Languages Without Talking To People | Polyglot Language Learning Tips | Robin MacPherson
  • The Aesthetic of Madness | The Cinema Cartography
  • I remastered Adam Ragusea’s Crispy Oven Fries. | Ethan Chlebowski

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